The company, was incorporated in Oman as Oman Incecticides & Air Freshner Co. L.L.C, and is part of Bhacker Suleman Jaffer Group of Companies, which was established in 1945.

Oman Aerosols was the first and is now the leading aerosol filler company in the region. With the latest technology in the aerosol industry and a high production capacity, Oman Aerosols is rapidly increasing its product range and developing its marketing and sales. Over 90% of its production is currently exported to GCC Countries, Europe, Asia & Africa.
Our current range of products include: Insect sprays, domestic and household sprays, air freshners, body sprays, perfumes and gels.

We have the facilities and the capacity to produce a broad range of beauty and skincare products to match all your contract filling needs. Oman Aerosols is a pioneering company in Oman supplying a large number of high profile companies with the ability to undertake production according to our client’s specification and to BAMA quality control standards.